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Artisan Profile: Susan Luker, Ceramicist

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Susan Luker


Susan has a passion for ceramics that started back at Plymouth College of Art and Design in the late 1990’s. Very quickly, this became a highly specialised focus on the pyrotechnics of Raku. Susan has since developed a love for hand-building decorative pots and bowls, in an outdoor environment; using her own hand-built kilns.


Inspiration - Working from a garden studio at home on the Devon Coast, Susan is perfectly placed to draw inspiration from the wilderness of the moors, coastal sunsets and a tactile environment offering pure forms as simple as smooth pebbles on a beach.


The Craft - Raku (which means ‘Enjoyment’) was first created in Japan to produce tea bowls more than 400 years ago. Using a special clay that withstands severe changes in temperature, Raku-ware has a strength given to it by firing and yet a fine and beautiful structural finish. It is often the unpredictable results and intense colours that appeal to modern Ceramicists, Potters and Collectors. Modern techniques have developed by plunging the still hot pots into a combustible material (Susan favours mature oak shavings) to produce random carbon marks and a more dramatically burnished finish.


Recognition – As well as being showcased in Devon galleries, Susan has previously been invited to show her work at the V & A in London.

To collaborate with Susan and view her current collection, visit www.susanluker.co.uk